Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Workout Inspiration ~ Bootycamp

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Yes! there is such a thing as a Bootycamp!
I 'm really not a "Workout" kind of girl, too Lazy and proud of it but then again I have been neglecting my assets for far too long (meaning my little Tush) so it's Bootycamp for me to enhance and sculp some curves!

Believe it or not it's actually quite easy to grow a nice Tush. A while ago (okay I lied, years ago) I actually put myself through a little Bootycamp before and it really really worked! I believe I found the exercises in the Allure Magazine (not 100% sure though) and saved the clipping like my life depended on it! 

I'm pretty sure I never threw it out, I mean who would trow away the key to a perfect Booty, right? So guess what? I can't find it anywhere! Luckely it's in a Womans DNA to remember everything that contributes to her figure... ^_^

There are so many Booty exercises online  for so many different results like toning and  firming but for me since I want to enhance curves and create mass, It's: 

Step Ups
Dumbbell Reverse Lunges
and Hamstring Curls with a stability ball 

So yes, this will be me this weekend... exercising...


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