Saturday, June 16, 2012

Top 10 Fashion Blogger ~ the French ~

photo by the Cherry Blossom Girl

Oh lala, another Fashion Blogger Top 10!
And today its all about my Favorite French Bloggers! and yes! Most of them are from Paris (and what's not to love about Paris!)

Best would be if you "parle francais" but if you ~like me~ don't, you will be fine as well because luckily for us the French are amongst the best in capturing the most lush images in the blogsphere so even when not able to read, the photos are often enough to dream away! 

Check out Today's Top 10 Fashion Bloggers ~ The French ~

1) The Cherry Blossom Girl

Of course we start my list of Favorte 10's with Alix because Paris wouldn't be Paris without her!


 2) Le Blog de Betty

2nd on this list is Le Blog de Betty because hey, France just wouldn't be France without her!


3) Pandora

Louise her blog feels like time-travelling from time to time and I always like to spend hours lusting over her shoots and art-references!


4) Eleonore Bridge

Everyday I dream away by her beautiful photos and always leave being introduced by new photographers! Eleonore's outfits are Preppy in the best way possible and her use of color is such an inspiration!


5) Adeline Rapon

No French Blogger list would ever be complete without Adeline!


6) Tokyobanhbao

The illustrations are incredibly cute and I always love Tokyobanhbao's accessory finds! (hmmmm look at this bag)


7) Et pourquoi pas Coline

If there are true shoe-experts on this world, Coline must be one of them! She always has the best shoes and boots!!


8) Be Frassy

An American in Paris! I really adore Audrey's outfits!

9) Making Magique

And another American in Paris! Haleigh's photos are amazing and I totally love her outfits (and yes, her shop Rebelle!!) 

  Photobucket Photobucket

10) Cuillère à Absinthe

Typhaine's outfits, attitude and photos are a very good reason for daily visits!


11) Punky B

Another French must read!


12) la revue de Kenza

And last but not least; Kenza!



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